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Birthday Cake Musings

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 by
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Hello, lovely readers.  What does the last half of April hold in store for you?  In our household, we are in full-on Birthday Season.  Four birthdays in two weeks.  Wow.  It can be a challenge to make each of us feel celebrated.   And then fit in all the parties and family events that are part of having a birthday.
Several little traditions have managed to be kept.  One, being able to choose a Special Birthday Cereal.  Usually they look like this.

Something normally found in the craft cupboard in this house.
Also the birthday person gets “woken up” with singing and gifts.  It’s a bit of a miracle to have kept that tradition alive this long!

Finally, they are allowed to choose what’s for dinner, and have birthday cake for dessert.  Here’s where I have not only managed to keep a tradition alive, but even step up my game.  Yes, ma’am.  Cake for dessert.  Sometimes on a weeknight.  From scratch.

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When four cakes are happening in two weeks, chocolate needs to be part of the rotation.  My recipe is from this fabulous cookbook.  I asked for it when it was first published since I am a big fan of Trish Magwood.  Accomplished, down-to-earth, beautiful and mother of three.  Also I love cookbooks that have gorgeous photography and have little tidbits and anecdotes as well as great recipes.  At the time I thought this would be a great coffee table book.  I do have cookbooks that are pretty much just for display.  But this one has spent so much time on my kitchen counters being dripped and spilled on that it’s no longer worthy of display. 

IMGP6507_birthday cake_02
Now I’m no amazing baker.  Believe me I’ve had my share of baking disasters.  But this recipe hasn’t failed me yet, and everyone always loves it.  It’s just a simple, humble, home cook’s recipe.  Perfect for birthdays.  Really, everyone could have this in their repertoire. 

IMGP6514_birthday cake_03
It is SO exciting for the family to see this going on in the kitchen.  Not an everyday affair, for sure.  A little TLC to help the birthday person feel celebrated.

IMGP6542_birthday cake_07
In the same recipe are instructions for a mocha icing which is so delicious.  Once again, from scratch.  Yes ma’am.  Anyone could add this to their home-cooking repertoire as well.  It’s important to introduce children to the concept of mocha at a young age to help them grow up to be coffee lovers.

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Add some colourful candies and a colourful candle and you have the makings of a simple yet special celebration.  That should be the beauty of having a birthday.  One day to be specially noticed and celebrated just because.

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