Thursday, March 27, 2014

Photo Finish 13: White Spring Vignette

Photo Finish 13 | White Spring Vignette |
Another practice at setting up a vignette for today’s Photo Finish.  I’m calling this one White Spring.  ‘Cuz that’s what I’m seeing from my point of view.  And so I collected up some things from inside these walls where I’m spending so much time to try and reflect that idea with something prettier than frozen slush and random snowsqualls.

Patient Mr.Rabbit standing behind the S for Spring and looking over the clock as he waits for his time to make an appearance.  The backdrop is a new one we just bought for newborn photography so I gave it a bit of a test run here.  Two white books off my shelves.  If you’ve never read them you should look them up.  A Perfectly Kept House is a beautiful book to look through and explores the difference between making a home and achieving perfection, especially for creative people.  With the emphasis on making a home.  And have you ever read this charming children’s book Frederick?  He’s a poetic little field mouse who works hard in the fall collecting up sun rays, colours and words to help survive the long winter.

“And when {Frederick} told them of the blue periwinkles, and the red poppies in the yellow wheat, and the green leaves of the berry bush, they saw the colors as clearly as if they had been painted in their minds.” ~ Leo Lionni

Wishing you enough sun rays, colours and words to help you through till Spring.  This is my Photo Finish this week!