Thursday, August 27, 2015

Using a Free Printable to Make Coffee Station Art

Hey there bloggy friends, it’s been a bit of a long break around here!  It wasn’t totally intentional, but once August came around, summer hit me fast and hard and I suddenly found a lot of other things to do besides blogging.  I missed you, but I hope you found a few other things on the internet to entertain you…

Coffee Station Art from a Free Printable

* do you have a coffee station yet? *

Anyway I’m easing back in this week with something pretty simple and fun with great results.  Pretty typical around here.  Using a free printable to make coffee station art.  The title already has three of my favourite words… free, coffee and art… so already you know this is going to be a good one.

Coffee Station Art from a Free Printable

* you need a coffee station *

Most things creative start with a dose of inspiration, and this is no exception.  I came across this free printable from Dawn Nicole in my Pinterest feed and it was probably the funniest and truest phrase I read all week.  Don’t you just love it too?  

UPDATE:  This printable is no longer available.  Linking to a similar one on the same site here, and a few other fun ones here, here, and here.

I immediately printed it off and propped near my coffee station, thinking that I needed to add it to the space permanently somehow.

Coffee Station Art from a Free Printable

* it’s cute, right? *

Not having time for a big project, this is what I decided to do.  I clipped it to a plain office supply clipboard (in the same way as the calendar in my Front Entry Gallery Wall).  But because I was feeling a little more glam than the basic clipboard, I remembered that I had a can of gold spray paint from my swag bag at Blogpodium last year.  I quickly covered up the main clipboard with newspaper and painter’s tape so that only the clip was exposed.  A few light coats of spray paint gave perfect coverage.  The paint dries almost immediately, so I did three coats in less than ten minutes.  Five minutes later the the clip was dry to the touch and I could remove the newspaper and tape and clip the printable in.  Five minutes.  Fastest upgrade ever.

Coffee Station Art from a Free PrintableCoffee Station Art from a Free Printable

* buy yourself some glam spray paint *

Then to add my own personal touch (as I do) I added a coffee cup ring to the bottom corner of the printable.  It just seemed like the right thing to do :)

Coffee Station Art from a Free PrintableCoffee Station Art from a Free Printable

* coffee ring *

The clipboard is so light that a small finishing nail is all it needs to hang it up.  The whole project took me about half an hour from Pinterest to hanging art.

Coffee Station Art from a Free Printable

* sideboard for morning rush hour *

(If you’re newer here and you’re interested, the coffee station and toaster station have been blogged before here and here.)

And if you love free printables as much as I do for a quick dose of inspiration or humour, or easy ways to switch up your artwork, then be sure to follow my Free Printables Pinterest board.  That’s where you’ll find the one I used here as well.

Coffee Station Art from a Free Printable

* pin me *

Thanks for bearing with my long absence and coming back to read.  Here’s hoping those big cups of coffee will keep us all productive as we head into fall, right?
xo andrea
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