DIY Repurposed IKEA Desk

Monday, March 25, 2013 by

I have managed to create my own private piece of heaven in my own home.  No  small feat, as many of you will agree.  After too many years of sharing bathroom mirror, kitchen table, dining table, coffee table…and moving my daily To-Do’s around that circuit and finally into bed at night.  You may be familiar with being chased from one location to another in search of focus and peace.  Or of being faced with the distractions of household and family whenever your eyes stray from paperwork or computer screen.
No more.

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Slow Down

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 by
Well, it has been March Break in our corner of the world.  But we didn’t get a break from Od Man Winter.  Far from it.  But an opportunity to slow down nonetheless.  Sleep in.  Lazy breakfasts.  Walks.  Movies.  Read by the fire.  Heavenly in its own way.

While the blog was on a break I learned a few things about Instagram and did some experimenting. Very fun.  Click on the button above to see some more results. If you are an Instagrammer let me know and I will check out your feed.

IMGP6300_marchbreak_02Lest you think it was all quietude and lolling around however, there are always three things in this household to keep us moving along.  Children.  Dog.  Renovations.

Children and pets do insist on waking up and being fed and exercised at regular intervals.  Sigh.  And renovations will take over your household and are best to have some momentum.  As a domino/snowball/explosion result, behind the scenes there has been some commotion.  Disassembling of furniture.  Relocating it.  Refinishing it.  Repurposing it.  The camera has been at work documenting the process.  Reveals coming soon.

Meanwhile The Dog has taken it upon herself to watch the piles of snow to see if they are receding. Are they?

You can only tell if you slow down.

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What Lies Beneath

Friday, March 8, 2013 by
IMGP6208_maple buds in snow_02
Another pretty snowfall during the night.  And look what it is falling on at this time of year.  Trees already budding with the promise of spring.  An opportunity for some pretty photographs.  Before the sun comes up too high, changes the light, and melts the snow.

IMGP6212_maple buds in snow_04
That’s what the sun will do.  Melt away the cold and the heaviness that covers and weighs down.  Nurture and feed the hope of new life beneath.

IMGP6208_maple buds in snow_01

What a beautiful life lesson from nature.  Allow what is hopeful and good to be nurtured.  It will bloom in its time.

IMGP6216_maple buds in snow_05
I see the snow already melting.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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