Photo Finish 13: White Spring Vignette

Thursday, March 27, 2014 by
Photo Finish 13 | White Spring Vignette |
Another practice at setting up a vignette for today’s Photo Finish.  I’m calling this one White Spring.  ‘Cuz that’s what I’m seeing from my point of view.  And so I collected up some things from inside these walls where I’m spending so much time to try and reflect that idea with something prettier than frozen slush and random snowsqualls.

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DIY Loose Leaf Teabags

Monday, March 24, 2014 by
DIY Loose Leaf Teabag |
Happy new week, all!  Last one for this March.  I’m still holding out for “…out like a lamb”.  The dog even got a haircut, because soon the backyard will be all melted and muddy, right??? so it will easier to clean her up, …right???
Today, here’s another little craft that happened during March Break.  Inspired by the fact that I found these single use filters for loose-leaf tea while shopping in Chinatown one day.  Maybe you have been long familiar with these.  I first saw them in Parry Sound a few years ago when Miss Personally was starting to drink tea.  There is a little breakfast and lunch diner in town where we go for lunch on the day we “go into town” while camping.  Have you ever been there?  I have no idea of the name.  But in one corner they have a floor to ceiling selection of loose-leaf teas.  And they make it up in a pot with one of these single serve filters, just twisted closed at the top.

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Photo Finish 12: Driftwood on the Beach

Friday, March 21, 2014 by
Photo Finish 12 | Driftwood on the Beach |
Happy Friday, wonderful blog readers!  To be honest, it really snuck up on me, which is not usually the case!  If you could hardly wait for it to arrive this time then TGIF!  

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Dip Dye Ombré Tea Towels

Monday, March 17, 2014 by
Dip Dye Ombre Tea Towel |
Here’s a fun way to add a personal touch to your kitchen, or to have a hand-made gift to give away.  Dip dye your own plain white tea towels to co-ordinate with your kitchen decor, or simply add a splash of colour.  How about neon yellow?

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Photo Finish 11: Hummingbird

Friday, March 14, 2014 by
Photo Finish 11 | Hummingbird |

Happy Friday everyone!  Well I’ve taken a bit of a break from blog writing this week since it’s been our March Break.  But I am lucky enough to have escaped the southern Ontario winter and migrate to Vancouver Island in BC.  There is no shortage of spring-time photography inspiration here.  I could post no end of photos of flowers not styled on a chalkboard or in a vase on my windowsill, but Actually Blooming Outside!  I know!  Some of you will have to take my word for that. 

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Duck Taped Mini Composition Books

Sunday, March 2, 2014 by

Lord have mercy.  Does this winter have to be SO winter-y?  Coming in from the cold to hot drinks and warm fire is really starting to lose it’s charm.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Really looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors...being warm!  
Ducktaped Composition Books |
In the meantime....I  came across some old photos of this craft that I did in the fall, and I’m thinking I’ll pull this one out again over the March Break when some indoor craftiness might be in store.  It’s a simple one, and just a bit girly, perfect for those who are the pen-and-paper-types, like me.  I can never have enough little notebooks around!

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