Simple Christmas Gifting: Repackaged Soaps

Thursday, December 5, 2013 by

Gift-giving is a huge part of what makes the Christmas season what it is.  Some of us have long lists of people we’d like to give to, and some of us have only a few we’ll exchange gifts with.  Either way, to me two of the most important elements of a gift are that it has a personal touch and that it’s beautifully presented.

 repackaged soaps Collage 2

So let’s start with something simple like a few bars of soap.  These can be some natural or handmade soaps from a natural-health store or flea market, or even someone’s favourite drugstore beauty or scented soaps.  Either of these will often come completely unpackaged or wrapped in shrink-wrap or a cardboard box.

Repackaged Soaps-1.jpg

There are so many things you can do to pretty them up a bit!  First take off the store packaging, then let’s use something super-simple that everyone will have.  Parchment paper.  Cut a piece large enough to cover your bar of soap with the ends folded and tucked like regular giftwrap.  But don’t tape it, instead tie it up with some white kitchen string or bakery twine.  As you’re tying it thread on a scrapbooking or cardstock label with the name of the soap.  The look is elegant and spa-like. 

repackaged soaps Collage 1

Stack three soaps into a clear cellophane treat bag and tie it closed with some ribbon.  Adding some embellishments like small jingle bells or a bit of greenery will make it even more festive.  To step it up just a little bit more I like to present gifts in a container that can be kept and repurposed.  These tin buckets from IKEA are one of my favourites, and add a touch of rustic to the clean lines of the soaps.  The label is just a sticker from Creative Bag and I’ve written on it with white Sharpie.  Totally optional.

Repackaged Soaps-3.jpgrepackaged soaps Collage 2

Now it’s ready to be displayed and used in a guest bath or beside a soaker tub.  Or the individual soaps can be tucked into a dresser drawer like a sachet.  Don’t look now, teachers and female in-laws in my life…this is what you’re getting for Christmas this year!


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