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Urns: Winter edition

Saturday, November 24, 2012 by
Well, this was the scene on the back deck early this morning.  Yes, snow.  And looks like The Dog managed to paw through it before I was able to get my camera out.  So much for fresh-fallen.  But I guess I must concede that winter is indeed on it’s way…
…meanwhile, this is the sad state of affairs in the “decorative urn” department.
Sadness indeed.  Note particularly the entirely dead contents of urn #2, and the incredibly wilted red sweet potato vine in urn #3.  Not to mention, pumpkins.  Seriously.
Clearly something must be done.  Except not today.  Maybe tomorrow?  Nope…Grey Cup party. 
Happily, I’ve at least been inspired by this excellent purchase from my fave local IKEA. 
I discovered these last year.  They are cheap, versatile, trendy…but they sell out like hotcakes!  So if you find them, stock up!  Also available in white/silver combination which has inspired my indoor tree. (Coming soon.)  I’ve used them for PersonallyPackaged, gift wrapping, mantel decoration, centrepieces, flower arrangements…you get the idea.  Stock up.
Urns:  Winter edition part 2…also coming soon.

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