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Pink Lipstick

Thursday, February 7, 2013 by
Well, girlfriends.  Doesn’t this look glam?  I agree.  And I have been feeling very glam carrying this around in my makeup bag for the past several weeks.  Full disclosure…I got this for Christmas.  From Little Sister who is the ultimate put-together fit working-mom-on-the-go.  But pink!  I don’t even know if I own a pink article of clothing.  There’s certainly nothing pink in the home decor around here.  And me, I’m a tinted chapstick, sheer lipgloss kind of girl. So this was a bit out there for me. Well.  Little Sister informs me that I need to start sporting a bold lip.  From halfway across the country may I add, so not like she’s here to help me. 
So I pop the glam little tube into my make-up bag and carry it around for weeks, all the while sporting my tinted chapstick sheer lipgloss look.  Well the day finally came when there had been one too many flu bugs, too little sunshine, one too many late nights studying with the Teenagers for exams.  Out came the little tube.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Miraculous!  It erased a whole season of sickness, lack of sunshine, high school in a single swipe.  Maybe all of you are already believers.  But I am hereby a convert to pink lipstick.  Little Sister is a genius and I thank her for broadening my horizons.  Look out world, I am sporting a bold lip.
Now you will notice there is second tube.  Oh yeah.  And guess what.  It’s not pink.  No.  Berry.  Berry!
 IMGP5901_lipstick_03I feel very glam carrying it around in my make-up bag.

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