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Washi Tape and Chalk

Thursday, July 25, 2013 by


Hello, hello on this perfect summer day.  The weather is perfect, the laziness factor is perfect and our family vacation is imminent.  It’s a good day.  And I have some time to write about a little bandwagon I’ve been on.  Washi tape.  Is anyone else out there familiar?  If not be forewarned…it can be a bit addictive for the crafty types.  Almost anything can be decorated with this low-tack papery tape.

So here is just a small quick project to get you started.  I’ve used these to embellish any gifts or table favours that involve chalkboards.  But maybe some crafty teachers will have other fun reasons to decorate chalk…?

DSC_1264_washi chalk_002

So there’s your tutorial.

DSC_1282_washi chalk_003

Attach it with a bit of twine to a small gift.  These chalkboard clips are from Creative Bag

To include some with a gift basket, it’s a good idea to package them up to prevent dustiness.  Here are three pieces tucked into a little favour bag, and rubber-stamped to label the contents.

DSC_1279_washi chalk_005

I included it in a baby shower gift I made with a chalkboard sign on it.  Apparently not everyone has chalk lying around their house all the time.

DSC_0976_washi chalk_006

DSC_0983_washi chalk_005

Just tucked the little package of chalk right inside for future changing of the chalkboard.  You can read more about making up your own gift baskets here

But also, be sure to pick up a few rolls of washi tape for yourself.  Tip…they are on sale at DeSerres right now!  I promise they will come in handy for all kinds of decorating and packaging creativity.

DSC_1283_washi chalk_006

Aren’t they pretty?  What would you decorate with it?  Come on, jump on the bandwagon with me.

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