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Simple Christmas Florals: Carnations & Candy Canes

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 by
It’s so great to have a little floral arrangement to brighten up a corner of your countertop, kitchen table or desk.  There’s just something cheerful about having a bit of greenery and fresh floral scent nearby.  And guess what?  It’s super easy to put them together yourself.  Here’s what you do…

Christmas Carnation & Candy Cane Centerpiece |
You’ll want to shop your home for a good sized mug or similar vessel that’s looking to be repurposed for awhile.  Or if you’re good at thrifting and vintage finds then you’ll be able to come up with something amazing.  I used some café au lait style mugs that were two dollars at the Superstore, but are easily found in most dollar or home goods stores as well.  Also take a pair of scissors out to your yard or front porch (or your Christmas tree?) to snip a handful of evergreen sprigs.

Christmas Carnation & Candy Cane Centerpiece |
Then when you’re at the grocery store picking up something for dinner, stop in at the floral department and grab a bouquet of carnations.  And if you know you don’t have any floral foam (technically called oasis) at home, ask the florist if they have any behind the desk for sale…they often do.  Also pick up a package of the regular sized candy canes (if you don’t have any at home that are looking to be crafted instead of eaten!).

Christmas Carnation & Candy Cane Centerpiece |
Once you get home pop the flowers and a mug sized piece of the floral foam into some water until you have time to be creative…maybe while there’s homework happening with the school kids or maybe while you’ve got the TV on late tonight.  Then it’s time to assemble all your finds together and have some fun!

Christmas Carnation & Candy Cane Centerpiece | personallyandrea.comChristmas Carnation & Candy Cane Centerpiece |
The floral foam should be quite waterlogged.  Start by poking in the evergreen…a nice tall piece for the centre then a ring of sprigs around it.  Then cut the carnations from the main stems into individual flowers and start filling in in the spaces between the evergreen.  Pack them in nice and tight and right to the edge of the mug.  Lastly take three candy canes and poke them securely into the foam in three random spots.  Done!  Wasn’t that easy? 

Christmas Carnation & Candy Cane Centerpiece |
So now you’re probably thinking, Since I got a whole block of floral foam and a whole box of candy canes, I could have gotten a deal on three bouquets of carnations and made arrangements for some of the  lovely secretaries and receptionists in my life who help me with my crazy schedule and bookings and are cheerful and kind while doing it.  Right?  They deserve some Christmas love and appreciation with some cute florals for their desks and then a mug to use later.  Right.

Christmas Carnation & Candy Cane Centerpiece |
I’m singing along to Harry Connick Jr.’s When My Heart Finds Christmas album as I write this…is that one part of your Christmas collection too?  I’ve loved Harry ever since he did the soundtrack to When Harry Met Sally.  Also a classic holiday movie around here.  I’m a sucker for a self-deprecating guy with a beautiful singing voice… 

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