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Photo Finish 1: Macarons

Friday, January 3, 2014 by
Well Happy New Year, sweet friends!  I hope you are excited about the possibilities that await you this year, and that you have some awesomeness planned for your blank slates.  Personally, I am super-excited about above zero temperatures, which I’m sure will be happening at some point in the year.  Once my toes unfreeze, I may get into some resolutions and goals.  But for now I will just huddle by the fire under a blanket with my laptop and do something fabulous for all of you.  My one new thing I’ve decided to do this year.  Verging on a resolution even. 

Once a week on Fridays, I will post a stellar amazing photo that you will be totally wowed by.  Yup, that’s the plan.   So every Friday you can pop on by when you are in need of a little pick-me-up and check out what I have for you.  If you’re new here (or also if you’re not but you already know this part) you can type your email address in over at the side ---> and the stellar photo will show up right in your in-box.  Along with some other inspiring amazingness a couple of other days a week.  Right in between the reminders to pay bills, and upcoming overlapping schedules, and announcements of sales ending from stores that trick you into giving your email address, and boring information about energy and cable.  A moment of fabulousness.  For free.  Just because I love you like that.  Why would you not?

Photo Finish 1| Macarons|
So here it is for this week.  A scrumptious stack of macarons that were purchased at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal.  From this particular shop we could choose the flavours that we wanted from an assortment of about twenty kinds.  What to choose, what to choose…and I promise you they are as yummy as they are beautiful.   I may even be a bit resolution-ish and say I need to learn how to make these this year.  Starting with the purple ones.

Happy Friday everyone!  Make it a photo finish…

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