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Duck Taped Mini Composition Books

Sunday, March 2, 2014 by

Lord have mercy.  Does this winter have to be SO winter-y?  Coming in from the cold to hot drinks and warm fire is really starting to lose it’s charm.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Really looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors...being warm!  
Ducktaped Composition Books |
In the meantime....I  came across some old photos of this craft that I did in the fall, and I’m thinking I’ll pull this one out again over the March Break when some indoor craftiness might be in store.  It’s a simple one, and just a bit girly, perfect for those who are the pen-and-paper-types, like me.  I can never have enough little notebooks around!

Ducktaped Composition Books |
In the fall I made them for the participants of a photography workshop I was teaching, so that everyone would have a place to take some notes.  I paired them with some mini gel pens to make a cute little set.

They weren’t tricky at all and I’m sure anyone could figure out their own way of doing it, but here are a few helpful tips.

I started with a few different patterns of Duck Tape which you can now find in lots of places from the hardware store to the party store to the craft store.  I bought mine at Staples, and that’s where I also picked up the mini composition books in packs of two for a dollar.

If you have perfectionist tendencies it’s great to be able to line up the pattern of the tape, since it takes a couple of pieces to completely cover the outside.

Ducktaped Composition Books |
If you cut several pieces of tape where the pattern repeats, it makes having pieces where the pattern lines up a lot easier.  So keep unrolling it till you find the repeat and cut it there. 

Ducktaped Composition Books |
Tape the outside cover so that it overlaps to the inside about half an inch, then tape the inside cover with two shorter pieces of tape.  You’ll have to trim the width of one of these pieces to make it fit.  That way there’s no loose edges and it looks clean and finished.  The cover is a lot more durable too with both sides covered with tape.

Ducktaped Composition Books |
Miss Personally and I scrounged up some white letter stickers to personalize ours.  I keep mine with the little gel pen in my camera bag to keep some shoot notes in, or reminders for photos I want to take in different locations, or other random thoughts that pop into my head.  What do you think?  Cute little craft, right?

If you like it then make sure to take a look at this tutorial for a Kate Spade-inspired upcycle for your planner using duck tape too.

Kate Spade-Inspired Planner {using duck tape}

Thanks for hanging out here on the blog with me.  See you next time.

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