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Photo Finish 34: Tea for Two

Friday, August 29, 2014 by
Tea for Two | Photo Finish 34 |

tea for two

And that was summer 2014 friends…  Is anyone else feeling a little moody like me?  In need of a little company?  If you are then come on in and sit awhile.  Tea for two to cure the blues.  Truth.  Even for this avid coffee drinkerIf not then you should skip reading this.  It’s a little sentimental, even for me.  Jump right to the end and leave me a happy comment!

This photo finish is inspired by Miss Personally, who is headed off to university this weekend.  If you know kids who are heading off into the world this fall too, then this is for you.  And tea, books and music are Miss P’s sustenance.  Maybe they’re yours too?


Not tea in delicate little teacups, but tea in enormous mugs with the teabag left in, at all hours of the day and night.  When things aren’t going well in the world…which they sometimes don’t in high school, and sometimes won’t in university, tea is the remedy.  She’s being sent off with a kettle and a huge mug and a large stash of tea.  And this is the quote on her mug… You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me -C. S. Lewis


Do you recognize this one in the photo?  Miss P just quoted me the first sentence from memory:

It is a truth universally acknowledged

that a single man in possession of a good fortune

must be in want of a wife. (Jane Austen)

I love books too.  It was absolutely my intention to raise kids who loved to read, so far I’m one for three, but she probably reads enough for three.  To say that there are books stacked to the ceiling in her room is not even an exaggeration,  with many parts of them memorized (see above).  I agree with this quote…   Books are the quietest and most constant of friends… –Charles W. Eliot 

She’ll be heading out with a good stack of these “friends” for sure, Pride and Prejudice among them.


What do you listen to while you’re in the car?  Working?  Puttering around the house?  And maybe you don’t have the luxury of choosing your own tunes...but someday you will!  In this stage of life I have classical and jazz in the background in the house.  Sometimes Indie 88 which is a new station this year and my current favourite.  Miss P is off to get her Bachelor of Music and the truth is I’ll miss her Clementi on the piano and Fauré on the flute, even the Hot Cross Buns of her little students that came in after school.  This household thrives on the gift of music, and that gift we send along with her.

Where words fail, music speaks (Hans Christian Andersen)

And so I think that’s the end of my words for today.  I’ll go make myself a tea and let music speak.

Thanks to those of you who hung in there with me for this one.  If you like, I’ve set this up as a print to download from my facebook page with the tea for two text…haven’t done that for a while.  Just click over and keep choosing “free download” till you get to the image then print.  It’s sized as a 4 X 6 card so it fits a small frame or you can print it as the front of a card and send it to a friend.  Enjoy!

Till next time…
xo andrea

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