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Halloween Chalkboards & Font Love

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 by
Halloween Chalkboard:  boo! | personallyandrea.com

halloween chalkboard for the mantel

Hey everyone..  Boo!  And Happy Halloween!  We’re not ones to go all out to change up the decor for this one night, but are you?  Some of our neighbours are great with the spooky but super-fun decorating outside.  One house screens the Thriller video on their garage door on repeat all night, how cool is that? 

Here’s my tiny contribution to the cause.  Chalkboards.

Halloween Chalkboard:  boo! | personallyandrea.com

hey, how’d you get that awesome font?

So I erased my little Fall chalkboard‘cuz that’s what’s great about chalkboards, right?… and doodled something for Halloween instead that can be erased and changed up when Halloween is over.  Chalkboard love. Fickle.

Chalk in a Mason Jar and Chalk Brush | personallyandrea.com

all you need to change things up

But first the fun part of choosing what to write on the board.  And this is where I look through my lengthy list of font options to see which one I feel like using for my new words.

How to Choose a Font:

First world problem, I know.  But let’s have a little fun, right?  So this is what I always do when I’m going to hand write anything with purdy writing… cards, craft projects, labels, chalkboards.

Choosing Halloween Fonts | personallyandrea.com
Choosing Halloween Fonts | personallyandrea.com

I have a lot of fonts

We’ll practice with a simple word.  Boo.  And a little punctuation. !  So I type out the text I want to use in a Word document, justify it to the right so it's out of the way of the font list, and reformat it into a bunch of different fonts so I can see exactly how it will look.  Then I try it out on some scrap paper for practice and spacing, and go for it. 

Handwriting a Halloween Chalkboard | personallyandrea.comHandwriting a Halloween Chalkboard | personallyandrea.comHandwriting a Halloween Chalkboard | personallyandrea.com

Halloween Chalkboard for the Mantel | personallyandrea.com…and done !

If you made a few mistakes along the way...like I did with the spiderweb...third time's the charm…that’s what the eraser is for.  That’s why chalkboards are perfect for practicing, and for being fickle, like me.  This font is called just kidding, but if it wasn’t working out or I changed my mind… erase and start over.

And when you start feeling confident and brave, you can move on to bigger and more permanent projects.  Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all things Chalkboard.  There are more tricks to learn for drawing more perfectly, but I’ve stopped trying to be the perfect girl to embrace the fun and creativity instead.  How about you?

So this was the bigger project we undertook, our basement chalkboard wall, and did a full-on haunted house scene just for Halloween.  Did you see it on instagram?

Halloween Chalkboard Wall | personallyandrea.com

*spookified* chalkboard wall

And in case you were wondering, these are the fonts I was choosing between for my Halloween-y look.  All of these are free to download, and obviously are great for lots of uses beyond Halloween.  They also happen to be some of my faves.

Favorite Halloween Fonts | personallyandrea.com
1.  BakerScript  2.  just kidding  3.  DK Ventana  4.  SummerScript  5.  My Underwood  6.  Simon Script

I’ll be pinning this to my Free Fonts Pinterest board, and you should pin it too.  Never know when you might need a perfect font in the first world.

Happy Halloween!  Boo!

xo andrea

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