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Inspiration for an Eclectic & Affordable Tween Boy’s Bedroom

Friday, February 27, 2015 by

There’s something about a long winter that makes me go a little lot stir-crazy.  Staring at the same four walls day in and out, I start to get annoyed by things that didn’t seem so bad in the lazy hazy days of summer.  Half-finished projects, stuff accumulating in dark corners.  Once the Christmas stuff gets cleared away the momentum continues to tidy and organize and update and fix.  Does anyone else have the same situation?

And the next space needing attention is Personally Junior’s bedroom.  The smallest bedroom in the house by far.  In the blink of an eye he grew up from the toddler he was when we moved here, to an almost tween.  In the midst of structural changes and major construction happening when we moved into the house, his bedroom got broadloom and a coat of (bright blue) paint and some functional furniture and done.  A lot of stuff has migrated into that room over the years, and not enough migrated out.  As older kids start sort-of moving out to go to university, and two adults are working from home…some of the rooms in the house need to be easily transitionable.

Eclectic and Affordable Boys Room Inspiration with Sources

tweeny transitional inspiration

Eclectic is what happens when you’re working with the things you already have, add in some new stuff, make some stuff yourself (I've already shared a sneak peek on Instagram), and try to keep it flexible enough to change if you need to.  Affordable is what's necessary when you have a family that’s growing up and moving on, and your budget priorities do not include decorating.  With these goals and guidelines, here’s the inspiration I have to do over a toddler space into a tween boy’s bedroom, keeping it flexible enough to easily transition to a home office a photography studio a creative space another purpose if we need to, but still a place that he’ll love to call his own for a while.

The inspiration comes from four different sources:  shopping my home, buying some multi-functional pieces, a few DIY projects, and some fun but easily switched-up decor.


1. Light fixture moved from the dining room.  (available here)
2. DIY checkered flag banner.  (similar here)
3. DIY headboard shelf.  (inspiration and how-to here)
4. Wall decal.
5. DIY light fixture.
6. Bed linens.
7. Bed.
8. Desk organizers.
9. Bean bag chair, already in the room.  (similar here)
10.  DIY log slice table. (inspiration here)
11.  Console table as desk, from the living room, no longer available.  (similar here)

So with the room already painted in Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore, and a few of the pieces arrived and ready to set up, I’m excited to see how this room comes together. 

This kid's room has been getting an overhaul. So far:  complete decluttering, new bedding and fresh coat of paint. Today:  closet organizers. #makes_me_happy #thebethadillychallenge #photooftheday #ikea #life

so far…

Stay tuned as the DIY projects get done, and I post some of the organizing and storage strategies for this room.  Wait till you see what I’m doing with the closet!  Whoever thought that could be exciting, right?  Anyone?  It should keep me busy and out of trouble for a little bit longer during this long cold winter.

And I hope you’ve been a bit inspired too if you’re looking at a room in your house that needs some help.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for visiting…

xo andrea

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