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How to Decorate a Summer Mantel with Nothing New

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I’m just loving this summer, I hope you are too!  We’re at that point where we sometimes forget what week it is, what day it is, what time it is…  and that’s okay with me.  We’ve had a couple of trips, visits and weekends away, but right now everyone’s home.  And school still seems far enough away.  Perfect.

Summer Mantel

* summer mantel *

Sometimes summer is a big renovation or re-decorating time around here, but not this year.  There is a tiling project that’s limping along, but mostly we’ve been outside re-landscaping, front and back.  You’ve seen some of it on Instagram here, here, and here.  But more about that another day.

And while I don’t really decorate the house for summer in a summer-ish theme, that doesn’t mean that all surfaces are bare either.  So let me show you how I decorate a summer mantel without having to buy anything new.  Just shopping my home and tweaking what I already have.  And also so I can leave it for the whole season, and just switch some things in and out as the seasons start to change.

Birch logs at the Fireplace

* found at the side of the road *

1. Mirror

First of all the mirror.  This one has been up for a few years now, and I might change it soon.  But since this is a narrow room and the window is at the opposite end, I love that the mirror adds some brightness and bounces light back into the room.  It’s a staple and starting place for my mantel decorating.  From Homesense.

How to Decorate a Summer Mantel

* mirror as the base *

2. Chalkboard

Well, when you have a weakness for chalkboards of course you have one on the mantel too. DIY.  It’s easy to leave on the mantel and writing or drawings on it can change with the seasons or occasions without any expense.  And while I’m definitely no artist, I shared some tips about how I write on a chalkboard in this post here.  More mantel chalkboards here and here.  And a post on painting a distressed frame here.  

How to Decorate a Summer Mantel

* chalkboard love *

3. Candlesticks

I have a few of these chunky pillar candlesticks that I love.  This one was turned by my dad as a gift one Christmas.  I have some others from Homesense that I sometimes add to the vignette in other seasons.  The great thing about them is they are versatile enough to also use as a topiary base like I did here.  

How to Decorate a Summer Mantel

* handmade by my dad *

4. Books

I almost always have hardcover books on the mantel.  Many of them have been purchased second-hand and collected over time.  If you have some that co-ordinate with your colour scheme then great.  If not then an easy trick is to turn them so the spine is facing away and the pages side is showing.  Easy and neutral and adds so much beautiful texture.  More about books on the mantel here.

How to Decorate a Summer Mantel

* texture *

5. Faux Greenery

I keep a small stash of faux greenery to decorate with.  These faux boxwood balls are from the dollar store.  I also have some wreaths which are more suitable for spring and winter.  For a spot that gets very little light and that I expect to be low to no-maintenance, faux is the way to go.   Christmas faux here.

How to Decorate a Summer Mantel

* shamelessly inexpensive and faux *

6. Something Personal

Of course I’m all about personalizing your space, and so your mantel decor should also include something personal.  This summer I have this carved bird that we bought at a gorgeous shop in Bala which reminds me of a cottage visit there one summer. 

How to Decorate a Summer Mantel

* the finished summer mantel *

So those are the elements I keep for decor which make decorating the mantel that much easier.  Here it is at Christmas with many similar elements.  What do  you like to keep on your mantel?  Do you change it with the seasons or for other occasions?  Let me know in the comments.

And I hope you’re enjoying the outdoors as much as the indoors too this summer!

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