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Ideas for Photographing Fall

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 by

Fall is by far my favourite season for photography.  Hopefully I can encourage you to keep your camera handy to capture the season too.   Spoiler heavy post ahead...

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* all taken with a nikon d5100 *

Whether you’re a seasoned nature photographer (haha see what I did there?) or just starting out, fall is the easiest time to make beautiful seasonal photos.  The variety of warm colour tones and light that’s beautiful when it’s sunny or hazy, texture all around… even raindrops look beautiful on an autumn tree.

Make sure you change your perspective, looking down, looking out and looking up.  Take photos both up close and far back with a wide angle.  Everything has its own beauty in the fall, from the smallest details to the grandest views.  Your DSLR can capture beautiful depth of field and bokeh, but don’t be shy about using your smartphone if that’s what you have with you.  Gorgeous settings are everywhere.

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How to Photograph Fall |  via Instagram

* look up & look down *

If you have the chance, visit the apple orchards, pumpkin patches, vineyards and farmers’ markets for some perfect fall foodie photos too.  And then bring some of that fall back to your home, both inside and out. 

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How to Photograph Fall |  via Instagram

* bring it inside *

Wow, super photo heavy blog post, but hopefully it gives you some inspiration to get out with your camera to capture some color and texture before the fall season’s over.  One of my favourite ways to procrastinate is to scroll through my instagram feed and be inspired by what other people are seeing and loving about fall, and maybe you’re the same?  Leave your instagram username in the comments and I’ll follow you, and you can follow me!

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Have a great week, friends!  (And stay tuned, I have a rare second-post-in-a-week coming up before Halloween!)
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