Reclaimed Barnboard + IKEA Brackets = Display Shelf | Personally Andrea: Reclaimed Barnboard + IKEA Brackets = Display Shelf

Reclaimed Barnboard + IKEA Brackets = Display Shelf

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First of all I just have to say thanks to everyone for their sweet feedback on my last post To Blog or Not to Blog.  As one friend mentioned, maybe it resonates with all of us, that we need to take stock once in a while of the stuff we work hard at, remember why we’re doing it, and make sure that it’s still important.  Then either keep on keeping on, or switch directions and work hard at something new.

Reclaimed Barnboard + IKEA Brackets = Rustic Modern Display Shelf

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Anyways that’s all the philosophy for today, and since I’m back at it I thought I'd finish writing up some projects from last year.  You remember when I launched into a do-over of the youngest kid’s room…  If not you can check back to these posts:

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Aaaaand you probably noticed that we have IKEA in the title of today’s post too.  Sorry, I can’t help it.  I love that place.  But my goal is to show how you can incorporate some of their great basics into your space and still have it look personalized to your style.

Reclaimed Barnboard + IKEA Brackets = Rustic Modern Display Shelf

* stuffies and rock collections *

So it’s a simple project to suit an awkward space.  In the re-arranged room the bed now sits in the corner.  A headboard would have blocked just a corner of the window so we opted for a bed without one.  (Yup it’s from IKEA.)  But still it’s nice to draw some attention to the head of the bed, so I thought a little shelf was just the thing, and would provide a space to keep some sentimental items on display.  It’s a piece of reclaimed and cleaned barnboard.  I was lucky to get some great pieces from one of my sweet creative friends who knew that I would love them!  It had to be trimmed just a bit to fit between the window frame and the wall, but that’s the benefit of making things yourself, you can customize them to be perfect.  Two EKBY VALTER brackets were simply painted with black acrylic paint.  (Ha!  I just noticed that now they come in black as well…I was on to a good thing!).  And voila!  Cost:  five dollars.

Reclaimed Barnboard + IKEA Brackets = Rustic Modern Display Shelf

* handmade by Opa *

I know what you’re all thinking.  The little wooden cars are way cuter than the shelf, and where did we get them from?  Well I’m sorry to tell you that you need to be a little kid visiting my parent's place, and then these are the kinds of projects my dad will make with you in his workshop.  Along with ramps to race them down.  Or another time it might be sailboats to sail along the creek behind their house.  All sentimental items that need to stay on display.  On a little DIY shelf in your kids’ rooms.

Reclaimed Barnboard + IKEA Brackets = Rustic Modern Display Shelf

* rubber snake and magnifying glass *

Hope you’ve been a bit inspired friends.  As always, thanks so much for reading!
Till next time…

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