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Birch Slice Garden Markers

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 by

Recently I needed a quick and inexpensive way to create customized garden markers for a photo shoot, and came up with these birch slice garden markers from supplies in my craft cupboard. They’re pretty cute. I think you’ll like them too!

DIY Birch Slice Garden Markers

So I have to admit, I approach gardening with a lot more enthusiasm than actual skill. My perennial beds need to be supplemented with containers of annuals to make them look full. Bulbs are hopeless, the squirrels and rabbits are winning at that game. And we seem to lose some of our cedar or boxwood hedges every winter.

Planting containers and urns for the backyard garden

Last summer we excitedly bought a tiny greenhouse kit and a variety of seeds to try our hand at vegetables. It was fun, and all good for the process and education, although the results were fairly poor.  We ended up with some good pea plants and harvested some radishes but that’s about it.

Mini greenhouse kit for kids
Handpicked peas from the backyard garden

I've managed to keep a pretty good herb garden every summer, in various containers that sit on the patio or deck close to the kitchen door. I get the kids involved. It’s been a good job for them… planting, keeping the containers watered, and being able to snip whatever herbs are needed to cook dinner.

Sage plant with ceramic garden markers

To be honest, living in the suburbs, we have access to some great farmer’s markets and roadside stands for fresh produce. There are lots of nearby farms where we can pick berries and other fruit. And we can walk to pick up a weekly produce box that benefits a local food bank. So there’s no huge draw for spending the time and energy growing very many of our own foods.

DIY Birch Slice Garden Markers

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DIY Birch Slice Garden Markers
DIY Birch Slice Garden Markers
DIY Birch Slice Garden Markers

This year I’ve been given the opportunity, through a photography gig, to have a raised garden bed with plants including strawberries, spinach, kale and cucumbers. Again, more enthusiasm than actual skill (for the gardening, not the photography) but I feel like this will be fun!

DIY Birch Slice Garden Markers

Any tips for a novice gardener would be greatly appreciated.  I feel like the rabbits have already found the spinach! And I hope you all have a lot of enthusiasm for your gardens too, however big or small they are.  Maybe a few cute garden markers will help!

DIY Birch Slice Garden Markers

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