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Boho Yarn and Wood Bead Tassel

Monday, January 8, 2018 by

Make your own boho chic tassel with a little bit of yarn and a wood bead.  

It's my personal opinion that almost anything with a zipper or handle can benefit from the addition of a tassel. Almost.  Use up some left over yarn and add a few wooden beads and a charm ring, that’s all you need! A fun little craft while you’re indoors on these freezing cold days. Easy enough to make even while you’re distracted with watching Netflix. Keep your hands busy and out of the chips bowl.

Boho Yarn and Wood Bead Tassel | #craft #bohochic #accessory

This is the yarn I used. It’s not left over, I bought it especially for this project, but with a half-price coupon from Michaels it was quite inexpensive.  I have a weakness for a variegated yarn.

Boho Yarn and Wood Bead Tassel | #craft #bohochic #accessory


1. Yarn
2. Piece of cardboard
3. Cord (or yarn) for tying
4. Wood beads
5. Split ring key ring
6. Scissors


I cut my piece of cardboard from an old box. The length of the cardboard will be approximately the length of your finished tassel. I cut mine to 6 inches (15 cm).

Wrap the yarn around the cardboard as if making a pompom. When it’s thick enough (I wrapped it 15 times around) snip the end of the yarn.  

Cut a length of cord (or thread or yarn) about three times the length of your tassel.  Tie the centre of it around the key ring.  Thread both ends through the bead(s) and tie another knot.  Gather one end of the wrapped yarn and tie the cord around it tightly, securing with a double knot.

Remove the wrapped yarn from the cardboard and cut through the yarn at the un-tied end (see photo).

Cut another length of yarn and wrap it near the the top of the tassel.  Secure it tightly with a double knot.  

Trim the bottom of the tassel to neaten the length.

Boho Yarn and Wood Bead Tassel | #craft #bohochic #accessory

a few ways to use your tassel...

As a keychain.

Use them to pretty up your organizing like this and this.

My friend Shauna used them to up her gift-wrapping game.

I've used them as place cards/take-home favours when entertaining.  (Quick screenshot from my instastory...)

Boho Yarn and Wood Bead Tassel | #craft #bohochic #accessory

And of course as a purse, clutch, or backpack accessory too.

Boho Yarn and Wood Bead Tassel | #craft #bohochic #accessory

How will you use your tassels?

Happy crafting!

xo andrea

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