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Welcome May | Printable Calendar Postcard

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 by

A printable download of a 4 x 6 photo calendar postcard for May.

Hey there blog friends! It’s that day again where you can flip over the calendar page and start a brand new month. Or download a new photo calendar and print it off to replace last month's. And since the weather has finally been consistently spring-like, it really feels like a fresh start this month.  How about you?

May Printable Calendar Postcard | personallyandrea.com

On the agenda for this month:

1. Gardening
2. Sitting on patios
3. Iced coffees

Plus, hooray for Mother’s Day! An opportunity for me, and maybe some of you, to be spoiled with flowers, candles, chocolates and a morning coffee in bed.

Tulips, Coffee and Candle Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

I took the pretty photo for this month's calendar on a rainy day last May at a local park. The soft light, raindrops and pretty pink blossoms capture some of the best things about spring.

Some of you have already seen this download, because you’re subscribed to my newsletter (yay you!!!).  And I decided to actually write things, and say things, and give you links to pretty, free, and inspiring things. Like this calendar for example. If you’re not signed up yet, don’t miss out any more! There’s a sign-up box over on the right-hand side of this page —> —> —>

May Printable Calendar Postcard | personallyandrea.com

If you did miss out on the last newsletter though, I’ll still let you in on this little secret. You can actually download and print all of the calendar cards for the whole year by clicking

... right here ...

I’ll still be posting them every month here on the blog, just because it gives me a chance to pop in and say hi. But if you’re impatient and nosy and want them all right now … well then I hear ya and this link is for you my friend.

If you just need one for May though, then here it is. I do hope you enjoy it and have a lovely little spot to keep it.

download May calendar card printableMay Printable Calendar Postcard | personallyandrea.com

Wishing you a lovely May!

xo andrea

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