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Family Valentine’s Day: Table Decor

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 by

Valentine's Day Decor | carnations, baby's breath, mason jar, plaid |
What a fun occasion to celebrate as a family.  Ever since we have all been able to sit at the table in a civilized manner…wait…actually maybe we’re not quite there yet.  Ever since I have hoped we could all sit at the table in a civilized manner, we have been celebrating Valentine’s Day with a festive family dinner.  Decorations, dessert, the works.  Not fancy necessarily.  Just festive.  A theme is usually helpful to simplify things but still have it pulled together.  My usual…red.
Here is the stash of stuff I rounded up to get things going for tomorrow.

Valentine's Day -
Yup.  Red.  Flowers, candy, napkins left over from Christmas.  And do you recognize those origami hearts from Pinterest?  They turned out looking the same as our paper cranes do.  Oh well, they’re red.  And hey!  That package of twizzlers is already open!

First up, some kind of centrepiece with the candy.  I’m thinking one for each of The Children.  That should keep them occupied and quiet in case there’s a lull in my expertly timed dinner. 

Valentine's Day table favor -

Valentine's Day Decor | red candies, twizzlers, red-hots |
Mason jars always come in handy.  Cute, eh?  Had to cut down the twizzlers a bit.  Then there were these awkward bits left over but I dealt with them, don’t worry.  The cinnamon hearts and jelly bellies got mixed together to fill up the rest of the jar.  It needed a little something to finish it off so I dug out these cute little clip-on chalkboards to write a Valentine’s message on.  Voila.

Next up, flowers.  Mason jars again.

Valentine's Day Decor | carnations, baby's breath, mason jar, plaid |
These carnations came with crazy long stems.  Like they thought they were roses or something.  I never use the fern-y leaves that come as filler in these bouquets.  And carnations…actually most flowers…look better bunched together tightly like this.  Cut the stems to the height of the jar and pack them in.  One bouquet was enough to make two arrangements.  Tuck in a tiny bit of baby’s breath.  And there is the basis of my Valentine’s table decorations.

See?  Not fancy.  Just festive.

xo andrea

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