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Tea and Colouring

Friday, February 22, 2013 by
In our household we have this happy coincidence of supply and demand.  Maybe you have something like it too.  We have Youngest Son who likes to do his Work…homework, colouring, crafts…wherever someone else is also around.  And so his little supplies need to be quickly and easily portable, and not take up too much space.  Good requirements for all children and their stuff, actually.

Enter coincidence.  Teenaged Daughter loves her cuppa tea.  Sustenance and stress-relief through our long dark winters.  Hot tea transitions seamlessly into iced tea for the summer months.  There is a steady stream of these cute little containers becoming empty.

And so we use them to corral crayons. Mini markers and pencil crayons. Scissors and glue sticks. Erasers and those little IKEA pencils that keep turning up around here.  Supplies easily tidied up mid-project and moved off the kitchen table before dinner.

Craftier moms or children would decorate the containers with colourful paper and embellishments.  Beautiful idea! 

Live creatively whenever you can.  And enjoy a good cuppa tea.

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