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Bread and Honey Festival

Saturday, June 8, 2013 by
Happy weekend!  Hoping there is some good “weekend-ness” in store for you.  Here it looks like it will be a day of yard work under very threatening skies, but also a Bridal shower.  You can bet there will be some serious gift-wrapping happening this morning.
For now, some photos from last weekend’s visit to our local annual spring fair, the Bread and Honey Festival.  Everyone gets a free slice of bread with honey.  Fun.  For pictures of bread and honey visit my Instagram feed here. 
DSC_0187_bread and honey_05
How fun is this Dr. Suess-ish percussion contraption?  My Youngest drumming guy spent a long time here checking this out.
Hmm.  Most of the other photos seem to be of us eating…hot dogs, cotton candy, swirly sliced deep fried potato on a stick…
Ah the petting zoo.  The requisite feeding of goats with pellets in an ice cream cone.
A few hours of community fun and some volunteer experience for The Teenagers.  Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.
One last photo of an iconic fair image, although I think it would be my worst nightmare to be sitting inside there.  How about you?

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