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What to Wear Wednesday: Old Navy

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 by

Happy happy Wednesday!  So I haven’t ever talked about clothes or fashion here before, so this is a first.  And I do love to shop, especially for a good deal.  While I’m no expert I do think a little bit about what goes into my wardrobe and love to pass along a good shopping tip.
While you are all cobbling together fantastic costumes for yourselves and your children (OK I’m dong that too) I have waited till the last day to spend my SuperCash at Old Navy.  Now that we are into real fall weather it’s time to establish some go-to outfits that are stylish enough to head out the door in, but cozy enough to hunker down on the couch with my laptop too.  old navy snip october
Here’s what I bought at Old Navy.  Sweatshirt dress, leather belt, sweater tights, and animal-print flats.  The flats are discounted in-store, so for about sixty dollars less twenty dollars in SuperCash I have a great new multi-purpose outfit!  No SuperCash?  They also have 20% off your purchase right now on-line and in-store. 
If you know me then you know this will also get worn with a big scarf and tall boots on occasion.
(Hey, not terrible for the first selfie on this blog!)  Stay stylish and stay cozy!
…personally, Andrea

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