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Birch and Candle Centrepiece

Monday, October 21, 2013 by
Hey everyone, welcome to a new week.  Are we all getting out to see fall colours, pick apples or choose pumpkins?  Enjoy it all while you can!

Birch Centrepiece | birch, pinecone, moss, candle |

Today I have a little glimpse at some centrepieces I created for a fundraiser last week.  They are woods-inspired to reflect the camp that supports the foundation we were fundraising for.  Some birch logs, pinecones, moss and candles, a charger plate to contain it all and we were ready to go.  Got out our glue guns and attached it all together.

Birch Centrepiece | birch, pinecone, moss, candle |
Birch Centrepiece | birch, pinecone, moss, candle |
A crafty friend of mine with a Cricut machine made these delicate letter M charms to hang from one of the candles with some rustic twine.

Birch and Candle Centrepiece | votive candle with twine and cricut monogram |
You could replicate these at home with a few purchased supplies.  The charger plates were from Michael’s in the wedding aisle.  Birch logs can be purchased from your garden centre.  I’ve even seen them in the floral aisle at Wal-Mart.  Pine cones and moss can also be found in the craft or floral aisles in a lot of stores.  Or head out to your nearest forest and see what you can collect.

This centrepiece can be re-invented for any season.  Tuck in a few small ornaments or a poinsettia bloom at Christmastime, some decorated eggs at Easter, some seasonal flowers for Mother’s Day or a summer wedding.  Any little charm or embellishment could be attached to one of the candles to personalize it your way.

Birch Centrepiece | birch, pinecone, moss, candle, Easter embellishment |
Birch Centrepiece | birch, pinecone, moss, candle, Christmas embellishment |
Be inspired by the amazing foundation and event that these centrepieces were created for.  Mackenzie’s Hope honours a little girl who lost her battle with leukemia by making her wish come true of having siblings of kids with cancer have an opportunity to go to summer camp.  Check out the Facebook page here and the website here.

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