Photo Finish 2: Looking For A Snack | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 2: Looking For A Snack

Photo Finish 2: Looking For A Snack

Friday, January 10, 2014 by
Happy Friday, friends!  Did we all survive the first Real week of the New Year?  I hope it was comfortable enough to get back into routines.  Maybe you even had renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Good for you if you did!   Around here we are back to the familiar, but I remain feeling pretty neutral about it.  I’m not a morning person so that part gets a thumbs-down from me.  So I was glad to go to my happy place which is Camera In Hand.  And decided to do a photo of something that’s familiar and routine in our home, and probably in yours too.

Photo Finish | Looking for a snack |
Looking for a night-time snack.

I was hugely inspired by the blog postings of Kerianne Brown, a Canadian children’s photographer I’ve started following recently.  She reminds me to take good photographs of the everyday at-home moments.  They’re fleeting...worth remembering and documenting well.

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