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Photo Finish 4: Fog

Thursday, January 23, 2014 by
photo finish fog-2.jpg
Happy Friday everyone.    This photo is not technically from this week but from the week before.  If you are in Southern Ontario you may remember this insane fog that had settled overnight.  I was really excited  and set out early in the morning intending to take some cool photos.  
We live literally two blocks from the edge of the suburbs and then you come to farm country with gorgeous barns and railway tie fences and horses that are beautiful for photography.  But then you can turn around and be back at Starbucks or the mall in no time.  That’s as close as I get to rural living.  Anyways, on this day the fog was so impenetrable I only got as far as two blocks from my house…the driving was treacherous and scary!  I pulled into the end of someone’s laneway to get my photograph of this great barn across the road that’s in a perfect state of rustic abandonment.  See it?  It’s really there, I promise.

Some of you may live in an area where fog is a daily occurrence.  But when you don’t, taking a photograph is the only way to capture that day when the pretty country roads turned into a mysterious, dangerous and ethereal place.

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