Photo Finish 14: Winter Sunday Walk | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 14: Winter Sunday Walk

Photo Finish 14: Winter Sunday Walk

Friday, April 4, 2014 by
Winter Sunday Walk | family, dog walk, Oakville ravine |

TGIF bloggy friends!  Today I’m sharing a photo I took last Sunday.  To be honest I almost didn’t take my camera along.  We were all just a bit cooped up and needed to get out, but I didn’t think there would be anything about this season I would even feel like photographing anymore.  But I did anyway and I’m glad.  Because this completely demonstrates something important about photography…it really can be all about lighting lighting lighting.  Even with trees that are dead as can be, and a slushy muddy path in a winter that’s long overstayed it’s welcome, this scene looks almost ethereal.
And here’s the thing… it’s straight out of the camera.  Straight.  Not a very fancy camera.  Not a fancy lens.  Nothing post-production at all.  Nothing.  But the gorgeous watery hazy but bright light is what makes this picture.  It’s distinctive to this season and totally captures the feeling of the day.  

Lesson:  when the light is gorgeous…just take pictures.  It’s hard to go wrong.

xo andrea

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