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Photo Finish 15: Labradoodle

Friday, April 11, 2014 by
Photo Finish 15 | Labradoodle |
Well it would hardly be a photography series without some doggy pictures, would it?  She’s made a few appearances around here before…in this post and this one.  But here’s the first official dedicated photo, and there’ll probably be a few more as I go along!

This is our dog Mars Bar, aka Marsie, the embodiment of Puppy Dog Eyes.  This is the look I get whenever I’m standing at the kitchen counter…which is a lot.  In spite of being fed food from the counter pretty much NEVER she is eternally optimistic.  Love that about her.

For those of you who like to know doggy facts…here are a few.  Marsie is a chocolate Australian labradoodle, just about to turn four years old.  We’ve had her for two years.  She’s actually a breeding dog, owned by a breeder, and we are her guardian home.  Once a year she goes back to the farm to have puppies and wean them, other than that she lives with us.  When she retires she’ll be ours for good.  It’s an arrangement that’s working out great for us. We're happy to give her a place to call home, and we love having her as part of the family!

On a photography note, I edited this photo with a Lightroom preset from A Beautiful Mess which are for sale here.  Their presets add an art-like, retro vibe to photos.  I love the moody look I ended up with for this one using the Mara preset.

So that’s this week’s Photo Finish!  Happy Friday everyone!

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