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Mid-May: High Notes & Low Notes

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 by
Pansies | personallyandrea.com

So it’s mid-May and here are few notes on the simultaneous highs and lows of life.  No craftiness, DIY or fancy stuff happening in the kitchen.  Life is full and the days are bittersweet.  So just a bit of a week recap with a few things happening in my little sphere.

Pansies | personallyandrea.com  Two dear friends lost their moms in the week before Mother’s Day, and my sweet cousins spent their first Mother’s Day without their mom, my aunt.   Meanwhile my own three managed to collaborate on homemade waffles for breakfast with real whipped cream without too much disaster.  And presented me with words and photos of the things they loved and were proud of about me. Really who would ask for anything more.  My own mom has returned happily and safely from world-wide travels with exciting stories to recount.  Is there any other day as bittersweet as Mother’s Day?

Marsie the Labradoodle | personallyandrea.com

And while I debate the magnolia tree for the front yard, today a sunny afternoon to plant some pansies in containers by the back door with this one to keep me company.  An unexpected simple happiness as the day had promised thunderstorms.  Instead I am in bare feet gardening and chasing the dog who has snatched some of my ornamental grasses.

Marsie the Labradoodle | personallyandrea.com Evenings are busily scheduled and Mr. P is on the road.  I rely on some tried and true super-easy recipes to get dinner on the table, like Cheater Chicken Parmesan, and also some crockpot dinners which will definitely show up here one day.  It will all start to go downhill soon enough and by Friday we’re usually ordering pizza.  Also When Mr. P’s away things always start breaking down around here.  This time it’s the dishwasher.  How long can I go without doing dishes by hand?  I’m busy planting pansies.  Fortunately we have leftover party Pokémon plates from Junior’s birthday party on the weekend.  And some balloons.  My youngest one now into double digits.  *Sigh*

Birthday Balloons | personallyandrea.com

Again no time for dishes.  Earlier in the week, an opportunity to accompany grade fours on a field trip on another sunny day as they learned about owls and hawks and disgusting facts about vultures, right up their alley.  Google that for some fascinating dinner-time conversation like we had!

Mountsberg Class Trip | personallyandrea.com

In other education notes this week Miss P is accepting an offer to university for the fall.  Some of you are, or have been in that place, and know how that is.  A little bittersweet.  Or a lot. 

DIY Shabby-Chic Succulent Pots | personallyandrea.com

But in simpler things my little succulent is still alive and pretty in her shabby-chic pot.  But maybe it’s time to lose the bunny, what do you think?  I might replace it with something that I’ll buy with the $100 Etsy gift card I just won from Shauna’s giveaway at Satori Design for Living here.  I love how Shauna starting  springifying her porch, and guess what, I also win a boxwood wreath like she has hanging on her door.  Don’t you love it?  I do!

So that’s mid-May.  Hoping there are blooms or balloons or other sweet notes to blend into your mid-May too.

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