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Photo Finish 20: Pear Blossom Piano Keys

Friday, May 16, 2014 by
Pear Blossoms & Keyboard | Photofinish |
Wow…20.  Seems like it should be a bit of a milestone, doesn’t it.  But what even is 20 out of 52 weeks?  No idea.  We’ll just call it this week’s photo finish.
So my girlfriend and I had vague plans to catch the cherry blossoms in peak bloom at High Park in Toronto this spring.  We had gone in the fall to photograph fall colours and it was fantastic…except when we got the parking ticket…and it wasn’t that colourful yet…but besides that…definitely fantastic.  She had been watching the blossom report diligently, but then the peak blossom time began on Mother’s Day, which didn’t really work for us moms.  And then it was going to END three days later because of rain and strong winds. What the what?  Give us a chance Mother Nature.  Anyways we didn’t go.  Insert sad emoticon here.  But at least in our backyard we have a couple of pear trees which are blossoming beautifully and are not yet past their peak in spite of days of rain.  And instead of trying to manipulate my camera gear in the rain I snipped a bit and brought it inside.  Before I put them in a vase on my desk I decided to do them justice in a photograph.  Here they are on our old piano.  Is it too cliché?  Oh well, I like it and it showcases the pretty detail of the flowers.  Again I used one of the lightroom presets from A Beautiful Mess.  It seems like the kind of photograph I might add a quote onto someday…what do you think?

Happy Friday everyone, and have a fantastic weekend!

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