Photo Finish 19: Magnolia Field | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 19: Magnolia Field

Photo Finish 19: Magnolia Field

Friday, May 9, 2014 by
Photo Finish 19 | Magnolia |
Well I took my friend up on an invitation to check out the garden centre.  She had hosted a lovely perennial exchange on Sunday so we were in the gardening mood.  But as we were walking around I’m pretty sure the temperatures were headed towards freezing, it was seriously overcast and windy and on the verge of raining.  Good times. 
We persevered and bought a few things, and I was particularly inspired by this magnolia.  And also feeling the need for some floral photos in my life.  So while I’m debating the purchase of a magnolia tree for our front yard, I’m keeping this photo as my laptop’s wallpaper. 
Do you have a magnolia tree on your property?  Do you love the profusion of delicate flowers in the spring?  Do they disappear too quickly?  I’m undecided…
And since it’s been a while since I’ve offered a photo download, you can head over to my facebook page to download this one if you’d like.  If you’re a fan it will be available in the free downloads tab.  You remember the drill…just keep choosing free downloads till you get there!  Who couldn’t use a little more floral in their life?
Happy Friday everyone.  I wish you a blossom-filled weekend.

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