Photo Finish 25: Foggy Pier | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 25: Foggy Pier

Photo Finish 25: Foggy Pier

Friday, June 20, 2014 by
Photo Finish | Hazy Summer Pier |
Hey everybody…and it’s Friday again!  The rest of the blog has been on a bit of a back burner due to photography season heating up.  But Photo Finish will be here rain or shine, I promise. 
So this week I was out scouting the location of a wedding shoot that’s happening this weekend.  It’s on the waterfront of Lake Ontario, and this view is from the lakefront trail right out to the pier and the lake and hazy horizon beyond.  Looking back onto my Photo Finish feed, I think that the photos of waterfronts and cloudy skies…and I have a few…are some of my favourite.  I love how with the camera you can leave out of the frame all of the busyness, noise and distraction and capture this sense of openness and space and freedom.  The muted palette of these kinds of photos is also so soothing for me.  What do you think of when you have this kind of view?  Do you love it?  Is it mesmerizing?  Or just boring and you’d rather photograph more action?  On this day I could have stared out at this for hours, but I took the view home with me instead!  I hope you don’t mind staring at it too.
Have a fabulous photo-worthy Friday!

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