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Two Locations & Five Bouquets {Wedding Photography}

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 by
Wedding Photography Locations and Bouquets | Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario |
Hey there bloggy friends.  A bit of  summertime gorgeousness coming your way today.  Gorgeousness in the way of a couple of locations and a collection of bouquets used for wedding photography.
This past weekend our photography class photographed bridal models at these two über-pretty locations.  The Royal Botanical Gardens and the Bayview Equestrian Centre, both in Burlington Ontario.
Did you know that June was the most popular month for weddings?  It’s true.  The month is named after the Roman goddess Juno…the goddess of weddings and protector of women in marriage.  So traditionally it has become an auspicious month for weddings…what better time to practice some wedding photography awesomeness?
The gardens are maybe a more traditional location for wedding photography.  Greenhouses, winding floral paths, architectural pools and fountains.
Wedding Photography Locations and Bouquets | Bayview Equestrian Centre, Burlington, Ontario |
But check out the beautiful property that is part of the Equestrian Centre.  Rustic fences, wide lawns, vintage farm equipment, ponds, tall trees…
Wedding Photography Locations and Bouquets | Baview Equestrian Centre, Burlington, Ontario |
…and horses!!! 
I have to admit I was nervous about having to photograph the horses.  A new challenge for me.  But hey, that’s what’s great about education, right?  It pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you try new things.  So here you go…my first attempt at photographing horses.  You can see another one here on Instagram... check it out if you are a horse lover.  This one licked my camera lens.  Ew.  But they really are beautiful animals.  Even up close.  From behind the camera lens.
So those were the locations.  We were also provided with a selection of really different but equally beautiful bouquets.  This was more up my alley since I love to photograph flowers.  Do you remember the bouquet you had for your wedding?  Maybe you even had it preserved?  Or maybe you still have that choice ahead of you.  I loved my wedding bouquet.  It was a perfect combination of dark purple, white and green, in a trailing style that was popular back in the day. 
I made a sweet little video of the bouquets that we were given for this shoot from Flower Creations.  See if you aren’t inspired…maybe one of them contains your favourite colours or flowers…

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