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Last-Minute Candy Cane Jar Gift

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Last Minute Candy Candy Cane Jar Gift |

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So as December is progressing you're probably systematically going down your to-do list checking things off in an organized way.  You’re probably right on schedule.  No late nights for you.  It’s all going according to plan.  Right?  In that case you can just skip this and move on to another blog that never uses words like last-minute.  The rest of us will stick around here in the world of procrastination, panic, and doing crafts late at night because we suddenly think it’s vitally important.  Who’s with me?

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This one all came together for the benefit of Personally Teen.  He came home and announced that he needed a Secret Santa gift and that it needed to be candy canes.  Ummm, OK.  Now if the boy had read my blog post on Supplies for Easy Gift-Giving, he would have been well-prepared to put something together.  But in fact he is only vaguely aware that a blog even exists on the outer perimeter of his life.  (And in this house you can’t just put a store-bought box of candy canes in a gift bag and call it a gift.)  So I came to his rescue.

Last Minute Candy Candy Cane Jar Gift |

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From my supplies I pulled out a large mason jar, some bakery twine, book of red scrapbook papers and large round punch, a retail tag and black sharpie, and some silver bells.  And candy canes.  And if you’re wondering where I stash all these supplies so I can pull them out a moment’s notice, you can see this post on my Pottery Barn Inspired IKEA Craft Storage Unit.  But the truth is right now all this stuff is on my kitchen island countertop.  Just keepin’ it real.

Last Minute Candy Candy Cane Jar Gift |

it’s all in the details

And from there it’s easy.  I filled the jar with the mini candy-canes.  I found some co-coordinating scrapbook paper and punched out a circle to cover the snap lid, then screwed on the ring lid over top.  I wrapped the ring lid with bakery twine, slid on the tag and the jingle bells and tied it all together.

Last Minute Candy Candy Cane Jar Gift |


A gift within a gift.  It’s one of my favourite things to do.  And at the drop of a hat (or the announcement of a teenager) you can put something pretty together.  And reduce your panic just a bit.  You’re welcome!

Last Minute Candy Candy Cane Jar Gift |

merry christmas from your secret santa

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