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Top 5 Supplies for Easy Personalized Gift-Giving

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5 Supplies You Need for Personalized Gift-Giving |

personalized gift-giving made easy

Hey everyone!  I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time.  There are several versions and attempts in my drafts folder but I’m finally putting it out there.  First because it is the gift-giving season of the year and I’m here to help you out.  Second because I have something to give away for you which I’ll get to at the end.  Super exciting!

So in the midst of shopping season, I’m here to say that you can have or make a lot of things at home that are gift-worthy.  But then how do you present those cookies that you baked?  Or the preserves and jams from your pantry?  Or even any of the simple treats you might give like candy, chocolates, coffees and teas?  In the warmer months you might even have gift-worthy things from your garden.

So enter to win the giveaway in this post, and while you’re out gift shopping also pick up some of the items in this list and you’ll be set to put a gift together anytime.

1. Containers

I love to use sturdy multi-purpose containers as a base for gifts.  Fill them up with something sweet, pretty or useful.  Then when the gift is gone…moved on…used up, there’s still an awesome container to be repurposed as storage or display in another way.  A gift within a gift.

Chalk, Brush, and Chalkboard | Mason jars repurposed as storage |

mason jar repurposed for storage

These mugs are from the Superstore.  They carry them in different colour schemes in different seasons, so I try to pick up a couple whenever the new ones come out. Sometimes the dollar stores carry simple solid coloured mugs in this shape too.

Mug repurposed as a flowerpot for succulents |

mug * ribbon * retail tag * letter stamps

Flowerpots also make great gift containers.  The terra cotta pots are inexpensive and easy to find, and easily painted or decorated if you are the crafty type.  But I always keep a big big supply of these from IKEA.  Really big.  When I’m 90 I’ll be giving gifts in these tins.  Because they don’t scream “flowerpot” and they’re the perfect size for small storage in any space.

IKEA SOCKER flowerpot repurposed as marker storage | Kids' birthday gift |

flowerpot * letter stickers

Mason jars.  Trendy or not, love ‘em or hate ‘em.  You can’t deny that they’re a practical item to have in the house and will be re-used for many years…even generations…to come.  Keep a few sizes on hand.  When you’re not using them to package gifts, you might find that you’re using them around the house.

Garden Cutting Gift | Mason jar, twine, shipping tag |

mason jar * twine * shipping label * stamp

2. Ribbon and Twine

Just a few varied textures of ribbon will give you lots of options.  Something coarse like burlap or mesh, something finer in a sheer or metallic, and something classic and vintage like a linen.  Or grain sack woven cotton.  My favourite source for a huge selection of beautiful ribbon is Creative Bag.   Check out their selection on-line too.

I also love to have a few kinds of twine handy.    Sisal, jute and hemp twines can be found at your dollar and hardware stores.  And bakery twines are a classic decorative element, I’ve seen them everywhere that craft supplies are sold.  Twine is perfect for wrapping, or adding another layer of texture over a ribbon, but I also use it for attaching labels and tags.

An assortment of neutral ribbons and twines for gift wrapping |

start collecting a variety of ribbons and twines

3. Tags

Speaking of tags.  The ones I keep a supply of are these shipping labels and retail tags.  I buy them at Staples and amazon.  They’re versatile and classic and easy to use.   Also a big circular punch is great for easily cutting a tag out of any kind of cardstock.  Use your coupon at Michael’s to get one.  (Hint:  if you buy a two-and-a-half-inch one it’s the perfect size for fitting into a mason jar lid…see the photo below?) 

Sharpie on shipping tag for mason jar labeling |

sharpie * shipping label * twine * mason jar

4.  Lettering

So the greatest thing about handmade gifts is being able to add your own touch and really personalize it.  And what better way than by writing your own labels, adding a monogram, or any meaningful words.  There are lots of options for adding lettering and words.  Here are a few of my favourites.
Sharpies.  I say no household should be without them….crafty or not.  Use them for all your permanent writing.

Apple butter gift | Mason jar, bakery twine, retail tag |

mason jar * bakery twine * retail tag * sharpie

Letter and word stamps and black ink.  These are the basic minimum.  With letters you can spell out anything.  Words like “thanks” and “congratulations” cover a lot of bases.

Succulent gift | IKEA SOCKER pot, lace, twine, retail tag, burlap flower |

flowerpot * ribbon * twine * shipping tag * stamp * embellishment

Chalkboard paint and chalk.  Any of the containers can have a swipe of chalkboard paint added to them, and then have lettering added with chalk.  It’s also fun to then include a piece of chalk with the gift so the container can be re-used and re-labelled accordingly.  Also you’ll want to stock up on those little foam brushes for applying the paint.

Homemade Cinnamom Spiced Granola | mason jar, chalkboard paint, chalk, bakery twine |

chalkboard paint and chalk * mason jar * bakery twine

If you’re not comfortable hand-lettering with sharpies or chalk, take a look at this post on using computer fonts for hand-lettering to give you some helpful tips.

Stickers.  Check out the scrapbooking section wherever you buy crafty stuff.  There are tons of styles of lettering and word/caption stickers if you’re not comfortable handwriting or stamping.  Always quick and easy with great results, this is a great option for kids too.

5. Embellishments

This last one is maybe optional, but a fun and easy way to really elevate your gifts to the next level and give it a finishing touch.  And what do I mean by embellishments?  Well, just that last bit of decoration that you tuck into the ribbon, or attach to the tag…it doesn’t have to be a big deal.  Here are a few examples:  floral stems, cinnamon sticks, cookie cutters,  sprigs of evergreen or rosemary. 

Soaps repackaged for gifts | IKEA SOCKER pots, ribbon, jingle bells |

flowerpot * chalkboard paint & chalk * bakery twine

retail tag & sharpie * ribbon * embellishments

So you see how it’s kind of a system?  And you take your supplies and mix and match them in so many ways and always come up with a pretty result.

List of Supplies for Easy Personalized Gift Giving |

containers * ribbon * tags * lettering * embellishments

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Happy gifting,
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