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You had me at hello…and a giveaway

Monday, May 18, 2015 by

Hi there everyone!  Can you believe we’re halfway through May already?  Where does the time go?  

So, “you had me at hello…”  Quick, name that movie.  Or if you happen to be a guy reading this (like Mr.P.  who totally always never maybe reads this blog…)  Show me the money!!!   Isn’t it crazy how a movie can be reduced to just one line?  So this post isn’t going to be about THAT movie.  But it will be about how you can have someone at hello too.

Personally Andrea Etsy Shop cards

* hello… *

If you’ve followed me here, or on any social media, then it’s no secret that this has been in the works for quite a while.  But one day a couple of weeks ago as I was working away on some of the behind-the-scenes details of the shop set-up…..this happened:

* so, i got this email… *

Just like that.  No fanfare, no champagne.  Nothing.  So if you wouldn’t all mind just taking a second and doing a little screech and a happy dance for me, that would be awesome!  Thanks!

Personally Andrea Etsy Shop image

* i opened a shop!!! *

This first collection is called the hello collection.  Just because.  Each of the cards features original photography by yours truly and has a text overlay with the word “hello…”  They’re blank inside for your personal message, and come in sets of six cards.  The paper is a heavy matte photo quality cardstock that I’m really happy with.  It’s been a lot of trial and error to come up with the product I wanted, but this is finally it!

Personally Andrea Etsy Shop cards

* current designs *

I’ve always had a thing for cards, especially handmade ones.  And in this day and age of hardly any personal snail mail anymore, it’s super exciting to get a card in the mail with your name hand-written on it.   Don’t ya think?  It forces us to slow down.  Take a moment to appreciate what someone has gone to the trouble of doing for us.  In this article about the Snail Mail Café in Brooklyn, the creator of the café says, “Getting a piece of handwritten mail from someone else, it’s like finding an unexpected diamond.”

Personally Andrea Etsy Shop cards

* send a handwritten note *

Aaaannnnd… good news for you!  To celebrate the launch of the shop, I’m giving away a set of cards to one lucky winner!  Be sure to enter.  

Just a heads up.  This contest is only for my Canadian readers since so far the shop is only shipping to Canada.  When I figure out all the shipping options I’ll do another giveaway for sure.  

I’d love it if you would pay the shop a little visit and “heart” your favourite designs, or even share on facebook or pinterest!  Your guys are the best! 

Personally Andrea Etsy Cards Giveaway

Thanks for sharing my exciting little news.  Good luck with the contest! 

See ya next time,

xo andrea
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