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Behind the Scenes at Merry Mag Summer: Photography

Monday, June 8, 2015 by

Hey everyone!  After the weeks months of planning and prep that have gone into this project by a huge group of Canadian bloggers, it’s pretty exciting to announce that here it is…

Merry Mag Summer

* yaaaay! *

I love a collaborative project, and this was a collaboration in spades.  Spearheaded and directed by Melissa at The Sweet Escape who is super-talented and creative.  Make sure you browse through her blog sometime for tons of handmade and vintage prettiness and inspiration.

My li’l ol’ part was to photograph two of her foodie projects.  So here’s a funny story.  We ended up picking pretty much the hottest day of the year so far to shoot five cocktails (complete with ice and other frozen ingredients) and nine ice creams.  NINE.  Ice, ice cream, heat and humidity.  It ended up being an exercise in logistics and speed to beat the heat plus prepping, styling and shooting.  Stress and good times, and the results are awesome!

Fruity Summer Cocktails

* the ice is melting… *

So if you’re nosey like me and you like to know what goes on behind the scenes then this post is for you.  If not, then head straight on over to Merry Summer and start browsing.  I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.   The rest of us will just be hanging out in the kitchen and on set for a few more minutes.

Merry Mag Behind the ScenesMerry Mag Behind the ScenesMerry Mag Behind the ScenesMerry Mag Behind the Scenes

* props and styling *

Also during the shoot there’s the obligatory “Wait a minute let me instagram that…”

Merry Mag Behind the Scenes@sweetescapecreative instagram

* via instagram *

And then of course there’s very serious and heated lively discussion as to whether it’s okay for the white and swirled ice creams to be beside each other, or whether the mango and lemon will look too similar to be that close, and what else can we put between the two chocolatey ones?  Life altering decisions, my friends.

Merry Mag Behind the Scenes

* did we get it right? *

Plus, at the end of the day you need to have a little fun, so we decided to make a big hot mess and see what happens…

Merry Mag Behind the ScenesMerry Mag Behind the ScenesMerry Mag Behind the ScenesMerry Mag Behind the Scenes

* that’s what happens *

Did I mention it was one of the hottest days of the year so far?  Yup, a little melting situation that was super-fun to play with and photograph.

And did you get a chance to see the new card I listed in my Etsy shop with one of the photographs from this shoot too?  You can check it out here, or click here to see it in the shop.

Etsy Ice Cream Cards

* yummy inspired greeting card  *

Head on over to Merry Summer, because this is just a little sneak peek teaser, and I did take some actual editorial photos too!  You can see them in the magazine with the recipes and link to blog posts for the five cocktails and nine… nine… ice creams.  Plus an overload of other summer goodness, ideas and inspiration from more Canadian bloggers too.

Merry summer, bloggy friends!  Have a great week and see you next time!
xo andrea
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