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My Dairy Free Smoothie Creamsicles with 3 Ingredients

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Hey everyone!  Happy first week of official summer.  If you’re like me then you’re looking for more cold and refreshing snacks lately.  And also spend less time in the kitchen and more outside.  Let’s break out the popsicle moulds and make these smoothie creamsicles.

Tropical Smoothie Creamsicles

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So this is a smoothie recipe I make for myself, usually for breakfast.  But sometimes for a mid-afternoon pick-me up,  especially when I’ve already been drinking coffee all day.  Yes, sometimes I do.  The other day when it was super-hot, it occurred to me that if I made a larger batch of the smoothie and froze it, as popsicles, then I would have my morning or mid-afternoon snacks ready to go, without any prep required.  #imsmarterthanilook

Tropical Smoothie Creamsicles

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Because I’m lactose-intolerant, I’m always looking for dairy alternatives in smoothies, which are a bit of a staple around here.  I’ve been loving coconut milk lately because of the rich flavour it adds and also the velvet-y texture.  Some smoothie recipes need yogurt or frozen banana to keep them from separating, but with coconut milk it’s not necessary and you can experiment with lots of flavours.

This recipe made enough to fill my set of six popsicle moulds (half price sale right now, but these are more retro and cool).  You might have a little bit left over for taste-testing… sip sip … 

Three Ingredients:

one 400 mL (13.5 oz) can of coconut milk
one cup of pineapple chunks (fresh or frozen)
two pinches of  lime zest
water… does that count as an ingredient?  then oops, there’s 4

Tropical Smoothie Creamsicles

* ingredients *

And it’s pretty straightforward from there.  Into the blender, empty the can of coconut milk and add the pineapple chunks.  Then I add a bit of water.  Just about a quarter cup to make the whole mixture a little thinner and easier to pour.  Grate in the lime zest and blend until smooth.  Hence the term… smoothie.  I bet you always wondered.

Tropical Smoothie Creamsicles

* smoothie *

Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze for at least six hours, or until they’re frozen through.  Enjoy!

Tropical Smoothie Creamsicles

* frozen *


Seriously don’t omit the lime zest.  It may seem like a minor thing but it really adds the perfect finishing taste to this combo.  Did you know you could zest a whole lime and keep it in the freezer so you always have a little bit to add to your baking, your guacamole and your smoothie creamsicles?  So handy, since usually you just need a tiny bit, right?

Lime Zest for Tropical Creamsicles

* freeze the lime zest *

If you’re excited for a season of frozen treats, you can follow my Pinterest board Frozen where I’m pinning all kinds of cold treats for summer, both healthy and not-so-healthy.  And nothing from Disney.  Just sayin’.

Tropical Smoothie CreamsiclesTropical Smoothie Creamsicles

* want one? *

So who’s coming over for creamsicles?  Hurry on over… they’re melting…
xo andrea

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