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Christmas Mantel

Thursday, December 13, 2012 by
Christmas Mantel | IKEA decorative balls, SOCKER flowerpots, lantern, pinecones |
My favourite place to decorate for Christmas.  The mantel.  I’ve decided that creativity reigns, and tradition does not dictate.  As it does…and should…for other aspects of Christmas decorating.
This year, I’m feeling a white/rustic/natural elements vibe.  A swath of burlap as the basis, tied in a huge bow at each end of the mantel.  The mirror was already there…I think I bought it at Homesense.  And my decorative spheres from IKEA have made another appearance!  I bought a box of pinecones at Home Depot c/o Martha Stewart.  Love Martha.  The tin buckets are also IKEA.  Here with a twine embellishment and holding pinecones, these are another staple in my decorating/entertaining/PersonallyPackaged repertoire.  Hugely versatile and incredibly useful…I keep tons of them around.  Another item I recommend to stock up on!  A galvanized lantern and white pillar candle complete the scene.
Christmas Mantel | carved wood Nativity family |
(Cool how you can see the reflection in the mirror of our Advent wreath.)
On the other side, a wooden carving of the holy family wrapped in the embrace of an angel.  One of VERY many nativity scenes that come out each Christmas.  This one is my favourite.  Simple and bit rustic, but profound.  Add a repetition of the tin bucket/twine/pinecone ensemble and the decorative spheres, and that’s it. 

All ready to have stockings hung on Christmas Eve.  A white/rustic/natural elements plan in the works for those as well. 
Wait and see.

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