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Decorating the Tree

Thursday, December 20, 2012 by
So, this year I let the boys decorate the Christmas tree.  By themselves.  Aha, you’re thinking.  There’s a wonderful mother, and she doesn’t care how her tree turns out.  Not so.  Well, I am a wonderful mother, but I do care…deeply…how my (did I say my?) tree turns out.  You see, there’s a method to my madness.
First of all, I did a “base” decoration of white lights, white mesh garland, and white decorative vine balls.
Second, I did a preliminary sort of all my ornaments.  I took out ONLY the ones I wanted on the tree this year…in the same rustic/white/natural elements theme as my mantel.
With a little bit of coaching along the lines of Don’t Put Them All At Eye Level, it was pretty hard for them to go very far wrong.  So now the tree looks great and we are all one big happy family.
A few of my favourite ornaments…
A couple of these textured but clear stained glass stars.  I think I got them at the One Of A Kind show in Toronto.  Great show!  Catch it if you can.
In German these are called Strohsterne…straw stars.  I made this one!  Actually!  With my mom, back in the day when I had time to create such intricately beautiful things.  Sigh.
My dad made this one.  A few years ago he made quite a lot of them and gave them away as Christmas gifts.  All with different designs cut out of the centre.  Epically talented, my dad.
Oh, and the tree is real.  Always.  I’m a little diehard about some things…

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