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Christmas Presents

Thursday, December 27, 2012 by
Well, it has all been enjoyed…the baking, dinners, decorations and wrapping a la Pinterest.  What remains after it’s all been said and done are the gifts.  Carefully (or hastily) shopped for.  Or handmade.  Here are a few that were under the tree for me.
IMG_6019_willowtree_flute“Angel of Harmony” by WillowTree.  This from flute-playing Teenaged Daughter.  Very awesome gift on so many levels…the WillowTree, the flute and the Harmony.  This has found a perfect home on the library shelves in the living room, also affectionately known around here as the Music Room.
These from The Boys.  I have a collection of Christmas mugs that comes out for the season.  All tasteful, none tacky!  This one will make an excellent addition, and also I claim it as my personal mug, just in case anyone else thinks they can use it. 
And Christmas Blend Via.  Because Christmas Blend rules, and sometimes you don’t want to make a whole pot, or grind beans, or run the Nespresso.  There’s something very comforting and homey about instant coffee.  But still, it has to be good.  The Boys know their Mom.
This from my award-winning woodturning Dad.  Stunning.   Very worthy of being displayed on the countertop.  Small enough to hold in your hand and press the “grinder” down with your thumb. Especially appreciated since I have somehow been living with a grocery store quality pepper grinder for ages, with Children constantly complaining of having actual peppercorns in their food. 
My life was improved this Christmas.

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