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Easy and Fabulous Photo Card

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by
Well it’s a dull November day, in a month of the year that has exactly zero occasions, or events to look forward to.  Yes, a good time of year to not dwell on the dismal and think about what you can do to add some spark.  How do you liven up those overcast, uninspiring days?
A few craft supplies will usually do the trick for me.  Which usually means making something to give away to someone else, so double the spark, win win.
And I wanted to include a personal note and a thank-you with something going into the mail, and decided to make a card.  So of course there is the full-on, scrapbooking, card-making, Martha Stewart, multi-layer, completely from scratch version.  Which is awesome.  Been there, still go there, there is a time and a place for that.  This wasn’t it.  The post office was going to close and the errand needed to be done. 
Similar scenarios sometimes, *ahem*, usually? arise when the birthday party is imminent and the gift is ready to go, sans card. 
I keep an enormous stash of these boxes of cards in solids, patterns, and a variety of styles.  They are exactly perfect for this situation.  You’re halfway there once you’ve picked a card to start with and they are easily embellished and personalized for any occasion.  The Personally kids use them all the time.  Today I chose one from a black and white collection. 
I printed a black and white photo onto photo paper (although cardstock would also be great).  The photo was attached with a couple of pieces of washi tape.  Trendy, funky and easy to use…a must-have in your craft supplies.  I wrote my note with black Sharpie on the inside.  Done. 
Simple but sophisticated and personal.  And it only took about ten minutes.  How fabulous is that?

…personally, Andrea

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