Photo Finish 23: Vintage New Orleans Jazz | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 23: Vintage New Orleans Jazz

Photo Finish 23: Vintage New Orleans Jazz

Friday, June 6, 2014 by
Photo Finsh 23 | New Orleans Jazz |
Happy Friday bloggy friends! 
Guess what…I didn’t take this picture.  I’m letting Mr. P. show off his photography skills on today’s Photo Finish with a shot he took with his camera phone in New Orleans a week ago. 
Besides the fact that it’s a very cool photo (don’t you agree?) I’m posting it so you can see that even people who claim to be bad photographers *ahem* can take fabulous pictures.   I think he's completely captured this moment and makes me feel like I'm right there.  Although I'm not...*cough cough*.  I even love that it's grainy and hazy, makes it seem kinda timeless.  I'm trying to convince him to be on this side of the lens more often, right?  Do any of you who are the photographers in the family have this issue?
Also so you can see I’m not a camera snob, and don't think anyone needs to be.  This was taken with a camera phone, and I love it more than a lot of photos I’ve seen taken with high end professional cameras.  It's cool to use a camera phone.  I use mine all the time over here.  Come follow me and take pictures with your camera phone and I'll follow you too.
I heard a quote this week that I totally agree with.
Your eyes are your lens and your heart is the shutter. (Diane Cu)
Don't you love it?
And by the way, if a trip to New Orleans is in your foreseeable future, first of all you should totally invite me to come.  Second you should check out Alex's blog Northstory where she wrote two awesome and detailed reviews of her trip to New Orleans, and then you'll know what and what not to do when you're there.
Hope you all have a great weekend.  Take some pictures!

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