Photo Finish 24: Bride & Groom at the Equestrian Centre | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 24: Bride & Groom at the Equestrian Centre

Photo Finish 24: Bride & Groom at the Equestrian Centre

Friday, June 13, 2014 by
Photo Finish 24 | Equestrian Centre Wedding Session |
It’s Photo Finish today, and that means it’s Friday!  Yay!  And it’s the month of June which means the beginning of the popular wedding season, here in Canada at least. 
Also I’m currently enrolled in my second wedding photography class, and so my camera and I have been spending a lot of time photographing couples who are engaged and couples modelling their wedding outfits.  Everyone has shown up to the photo shoots looking incredibly beautiful.  We’ve all had a ton of fun, and I know I’ve learned a lot!  In one week I shoot my first real wedding, so wish me luck!
I photographed this gorgeous girl and her handsome husband at the Bayview Equestrian Centre on the weekend.  You'll want to read more about it here and here, especially if you are a fan of horses.  The sun was incredibly hot and bright on this day and we were searching out as many shady spots as we could find.  Here they are just inside the doorway to the indoor arena.  I love how her dress is silhouetted against the dimness of the interior.  And the fabulous pink peony and rose bouquet and boutonniere really pop.
Before this shoot we had a little chat on facebook about the locations we had our wedding photos taken.  What do you think about this equestrian centre?  Did you love where you had your pictures taken?  Or what would be your ideal spot for wedding photos? 
I hope this week is finishing well for you, and that you have an amazing weekend.  And celebrate well if you have a great father in your life this Father's Day.  See you next time.

xo Andrea

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