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Hometalk Gallery: 18 Handmade Gift Ideas

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 by
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Personally, I love a handmade gift, don’t you?  Both on the giving and the receiving end.  Something with a little personality, a touch of personalization.  Something that’s taken a little time and thoughtfulness.
But the truth is we are all pressed for time, and we live in an age of gift cards, e-cards, gift registries and gift bags with tissue paper stuffed into them.  Please humour me and read this post for my thoughts on THAT situation…..

And don’t get me wrong…I love a gift card as much as the next person.  If you give me a Starbucks gift card I promise to be your bestie for life.

Starbucks Love | personallyandrea.com

But if the only thing holding you back from giving something personalized and handmade is a lack of ideas then I have just what you need.  Recently the lovely people at Hometalk….wait, what?!  You’ve never checked out Hometalk???  Well.

Hometalk is a fabulous forum for all things home and garden.  Lots of photos with helpful descriptions from knowledgeable people (like me, just sayin’), a place to ask and answer questions, and tons of ways to organize your inspiration.  Click on the Hometalk button in the sidebar for a quick peek.  And the next time you have a home or garden question don’t google it…search Hometalk instead.

So, where was I?  Oh yeah…ideas… Well.
Hometalk DIY Gift Ideas | personallyandrea.com
I was asked by the lovely people at Hometalk to curate a collection of awesome handmade or personalized gift ideas from Hometalk posts.  It was so easy to find tons of great ideas, and now you’ll have no excuse.  You’ll find everything from the full-on made-from-scratch projects like pretty handmade soaps (something still on my bucket list to try) to store-bought items with just a touch of personal embellishment, like my IKEA cutting boards.  Click anywhere on the graphic to take you to the complete collection of posts.

As for me, I still have one set of plain tea towels from when I made these dip-dyed ombré ones.  And did you notice the post with the pretty citrus-stamped tea towels?  Aren’t they the cutest for a summery kitchen?  If those lemons and limes in my fridge don’t get made into mojitos pretty soon, you can bet my plain towels will be getting citrus stamped. You’ve been duly warned Mr. P.

Limes and Lemons | DIY Gift Inspiration | personallyandrea.com

Hostess gifts, shower gifts, birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, thank-you gifts, party favours…  There’s all kinds of occasions just waiting to be personalized.  And every space in a home can use a touch of personal too…kitchen, garden, bath, office… There’s all kinds of reasons to be getting your craft on this summer.  Be inspired and go for it.

Personally, I love a handmade gift.  Don’t you?
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