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Photo Finish 27: Sit For a Moment

Friday, July 4, 2014 by
Photo Finish 27 | Garden Bench |
Happy summer-y Friday, guys.  How was your week?  Are you in full summer mode?  Were you patriotic?  Are you on vacation?

This week’s Photo Finish is a little corner we walked past on Canada Day.  It’s tucked just a little bit out of the way, off the beaten path.  That perfect combination of a little bit tended and a little bit neglected, just like a garden should be.  You could just sit here and watch the world go by, and hardly anyone would even notice you.  Except maybe random people like me who might come along and take your picture because they think the spot you’ve found is pretty. 
I think I’ll have to go back there someday soon.  With a book and a coffee.  I might read the book or I might not.  I might just be people watching.  If you see me just ignore me.  Definitely don’t take my picture.  I prefer to be on the other side of the lens.
If you needed a spot like this today then here it is.  Take a moment.  Get off the beaten path.  Breathe.
When you’re ready you can keep walking.  But this spot will still be here if you need it.

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