Photo Finish 29: Ombré Painted Daisies | Personally Andrea: Photo Finish 29: Ombré Painted Daisies

Photo Finish 29: Ombré Painted Daisies

Friday, July 25, 2014 by
Photo Finish 29 | Ombré Painted Daisies |
Hello, amazing blog reading friends!  It’s Friday again…I hope your week has been good to you.  Photo Finish is arriving slightly later today.  Not all of this week has been that kind to me.  But even under the weather, I was able to take my camera out in the early mornings for a wander through the garden.  You might have seen these already on instagram in the last while…hopefully you’re not bored by them yet.  I’m not.

Truly, I’m not a fabulous or informed gardener.  Hit and miss.  Shrubs and perennials only.  I have annuals only in containers.  I take plants that people share with me or pick up whatever strikes my fancy at the garden centre, and pop it into the ground with whatever knowledge I’ve gained from daytime television over the years (thank you Marilyn Denis) and hope for the best.  My front yard is a hot mess, even more since we had to take one of the trees down.  Help me!  And I came to the sad realization this spring that my peonies are a dud.  How???  But I'm determined to have some.  Does anyone know of a fool-proof variety to try?

When it’s a miss:  

Sometimes I dig it up and try it again in another spot with the same strategy, as in hoping for the best.  Sometimes I share the love and pass it along to someone who hopefully knows what they’re doing better than me.  Or if I really love it and it’s just not working out I put it into a container so I can move it to different places in the yard and figure out where it will work.  Currently I have a ninebark in a huge Costco urn testing out it’s third location.

When it’s a hit:

Well.  Then those babies get a LOT of love from me.  They get visited in the mornings or evenings.  They get photographed and instagrammed.  They get clipped and brought into the house or given to friends as bouquets.  You can read about my siberian irises here, pear blossoms here, and even these same painted daisies from last summer when I was blogging under a different name.  The evergreen gets clipped for floral arrangements.  Right now I’m also obsessed with the dill from our container garden which has gone to seed.  Have you ever seen that?  It’s so striking.

You might start getting the wrong impression that I do have a green thumb.  But actually I’m here to assure you that even if your thumb is as black as mine, you can have enough beauty and prettiness in your garden space to make it worth your while.  Give it a try.  Don’t give up, and enjoy your successes however small they might be.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Did you notice that I did something different with the post title this week, and gave a name to the photo?  I’m a bit of two minds about it.  Personally I don’t always love photos or even artwork to have a name.  What’s your opinion on that?  But unfortunately my little pea-brain is having trouble keeping this project organized so naming the photos it is.  So, I’ll be going back and naming all the ones in this Photo Finish Project and if you have suggestions for any of them I’m happy to hear them in the comments below…

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