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Photo Finish 30: Sunflowers & Summer Skies

Friday, August 1, 2014 by
Photo Finish:  Sunflowers & Summer Skies |
Happy Friday and Happy August!  It’s photo finish day today…and I hope you’ll indulge me two floral posts in a row.
So this photo has been over a year in the making.  How crazy is that?  Partly because I don’t have sunflowers growing in my own backyard (although I’m now considering that as an option) and so it requires a bit of an outing.  And my friend and I had tried to make a date of it and go together to one of the huge sunflower fields out in the country.  Which truthfully is not that far from here…see this post for what I mean.

Failed last year and failed again this year.  But as she was heading away on vacation she happened to mention that she had seen a small patch of sunflowers in front of the conservancy which is literally down the road.  You’ve seen it before in my instagram feed and in this Photo Finish at the birdfeeder.

Riverwood Conservancy
It’s a gorgeous name and a gorgeous place.  Seriously if you’re in the west end of Toronto and are looking for a wedding photo location you should check it out.  There’s a beautifully weathered barn, an art gallery, manicured terraced gardens and shady paths in the forest.  So many pretty options.

But I digress…

Anyways, when I had an hour late in the afternoon to head out with my camera I decided to try for these sunflowers.  (Dear girlfriend…feeling guilty for going without you…hope you’re loving your holiday!)  I parked the car and was immediately distracted by all the colourful gardens within the conservancy, mostly daylilies of every shade.  So after a quick look around and a ton of photos I headed down to the sunflowers and was distracted again by the wildflowers along the path.  I took a few photos along the way but I was on a mission to catch the sunflowers too. 

But I have to tell you a secret, when I came back home and looked at the photos, I had captured the most amazing shot in the thistles and Queen Anne’s lace along the path.  It’s so cool, and then I was torn as to which photo to post.  Sigh…I might just save it for next week.  Maybe.  It’s really worth more than just an instagram post.  Come back next week and check, ok?

But here are the sunflowers that I went out for.  I hope you can see what a perfect mid-summer afternoon it was.  In the middle of winter I’ll be coming back to this photo to remember warm sunny skies and bright coloured flowers.  You are more than welcome to do the same.  Let’s all bookmark this page for February 1st and enjoy it again then, shall we?

xo Andrea

Did you notice I’ve started going back and naming some of the photos in this project, starting with the ones I mentioned above…?

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